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Groningen to launch startup city portal Founded in Groningen

Just like StartupAmsterdam and the recently launched StartupUtrecht initiative, the city of Groningen is launching its own startup portal to give attention to the local startup hub.

During the Let’s Gro innovation event on November 20, Founded in Groningen will officially launch. Goal of the platform is to put the city on the map, nationally as well internationally.

“We noticed there was a need for a collective platform to exchange ideas as well”, said Koen Atema, one of the founders of Founded in Groningen.

“Such platforms works very well to profile yourself as a collective, to better cooperate and to be found by investors”, he adds.

Startup envoy Neelie Kroes of StartupDelta praised Groningen as a hub: “The city has some fascinating startups with disruption in its DNA. That power must be made visible to the rest of the world.”

Although Founded in Groningen said in the press release the city is sometimes overlooked (it’s considered isolated and far away from “where it all happens”), Groningen is the fastest growing startup hub in The Netherlands, according to Deloitte.

In the latest Deloitte Fast 50 list, there were seven startups from Groningen listed as the fastest growing tech companies – making the city number 2 after Amsterdam.

Groningen as a benchmark

However, Amsterdam can learn something from Groningen as well. According to slides of presentations StartupJuncture has plus a source, the municipality of Amsterdam is struggling with getting more valorisation out of spin-offs from universities and R&D, and is benchmarking Groningen (based on this report).

On November 20, the launch of the Founded in Groningen portal will be held at de Spiegeltent during the Let’s Gro innovation festival at 4 PM. Founders of the portal will have keynotes about the Groningen startup ecosystem and about the role of startups in today’s and tomorrow’s economy.

Editorial note: the Founded in Groningen website is clearly based on the Founded in Holland format, but is not affiliated. The platform will be linked to the Groningen hub page on StartupDelta.

Image by Bert Kaufmann (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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