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Nestpick secures $2M in additional funding

Rental space startup from Holland/Germany Nestpick secured an additional 2 million dollar (€1.8M) in funding from VCs Target Global and b-to-v Partners to improve its user experience.

The funding follows a 11 million dollar (€9,9M) series A round in November. With “improving user experience”, Nestpick means better insurance, personal customer service for tenants/landlords and the introduction of reviews on the platform, said CEO and founder Fabian Dudek in a release (in Dutch).

Nestpick warranties

The Rotterdam founded startup, now based in Berlin, has had its trouble with shady landlords in the past. So its no surprise the company is focussing on service. Part of the solution for tenants is the Nest Assured warranty, which secures a 30-day stay when a verified place to stay isn’t available or isn’t exactly as advertised.

For landlords, Nestpick offers a Full Nest Guarantee insurance, which pays the rent even if there’s no tenant available.

The startup even goes further to make sure to leave its past behind: former Airbnb customer service executive Luciana Eletti is added to the team of Nestpick.

Photo provided by Nestpick

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