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Dutch startups raise €430 million in 2015

In 2015 Dutch startups have raised at least 429 million euro – more than 70 million euro less compared to last year. The good news: the number of deals doubled from 76 to 153.

top5-Netherlands-investments-2015At StartupJuncture we try to report all funding news about Dutch startups, in order to provide insights into the Dutch funding situation: who is actively investing, what type of companies are fundable in The Netherlands and also how much startups can raise here.

Because our goal is to provide insight for startups in all phases, we apply a broad definition of ‘startup’: we report on early startup deals from business angels up until large investments in grown-up scale-ups. The result is one of the most complete lists of startup deals closed in The Netherlands in 2015. Like last year we are making the full list available for anyone.

Readers can look at the top 5 (visualized below with help from Dutch startup LocalFocus), or use the full list for their own analysis if they would like to apply their own definitions. In the list of 2014 we counted 76 deals adding up to 500 million (skewed by a whopping 200 million for Adyen). This year the list is much richer with 150 deals. The total is slightly lower, adding up to 428.7 million.

The average deal size of 2015 was 2.82 million euro, compared to 6.58 million euro in 2014. The median investment this year was 650.000 euro, last year this was 450.000 euro.

Top 5 deals of 2015

The top 5 deals went to 5 completely different companies: Catawiki (collecting), Adyen (fintech), Shapeways (3D printing), HackerOne (IT security) and WeTransfer (data storage). 

Of these companies, HackerOne is the youngest company: founded only in 2012, the company has grown quickly into the leading platform for ethical hacking. The company has Dutch founders but the headquarter is located in California. The other companies could be called scale-ups: companies that are more than five years old and are growing rather than searching. Catawiki is founded in 2008, Adyen in 2006, Shapeways in 2007 and WeTransfer in 2009.

Crowdfunding trend

For early stage investors, the remaining 145 startups are of more interest than the top 5. It is good to see that so many different startups have found funding. The list contains startups from all sectors: medtech, software, data, retail, travel, edtech etc. Note that we only included deals of at least 50.000 euros. There are many investments below this threshold but we consider these informal deals. 

As you can see in the list, 2015 was the year of sustained succes for crowdfunding platforms and the convertible note or equity crowdfunding: we saw 15 deals made possible through platforms like Leapfunder, OnePlanetCrowd and Symbid. The deal sizes are getting larger, with the largest Dutch crowdfunding deal coming from the Bolt electric scooter – a solid success for the Leapfunder platform.

Sources of funding

To assess the health of the Dutch ecosystem, it is important to know where the money is coming from: did Dutch startups receive funding from Dutch investors, or did they have to travel abroad? We see both Dutch and international funding. In 61.3 percent of the deals, the money invested came solely or partly from a Dutch source. This is mainly due to the large amount of early stage deals (seed, series A) funded by Dutch investors. It’s safe to say that The Netherlands as an ecosystem has enough funding to allow people to grow your company.

For later stage rounds however, our data clearly shows that the big money is coming from abroad: from the 10 later stage deals this year (series B and up), in only 3 cases Dutch VC’s were involved.

Full list of Dutch startup deals 2015

Without much further ado: here are all the 2015 startup deals ranked in one table. The list is based on our previous quarterly overviews (click here for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 2015), but updated. We have filled in the exact funding amount if this amount has been revealed. If not, we made an educated guess to insert the deal at the right position. If you believe a deal is missing, send us the details at team (@) startupjuncture.com. See some notes on criteria at the bottom.

Name Amount (€) Type By Who Link Investment from country Quarter
Catawiki 75,000,000 series C VC Lead Edge Capital e.a. StartupJuncture US Q3
Adyen undisclosed venture VC Iconiq FD US Q3
Shapeways 27,200,000 Series D VC INKEF, Index, AndreessenHorrowitz, Union Square Ventures, Hewlett Packard StartupJuncture NL, US, CH Q2
HackerOne 22,700,000 series B VC + angels New Enterprise Associates, Benchmark, Marc Benioff, David Sacks e.a. VentureBeat US Q2
WeTransfer 22,000,000 series A VC’s Highland StartupJuncture US Q1
Travelbird 16,500,000 series B VC & strategic Rocket Internet StartupJuncture DE Q2
AppMachine 13,400,000 series B Strategic, partial take-over Endurance International StartupJuncture US Q1
Bottlenose 12,000,000 series B Strategic KPMG StartupJuncture EU Q1
Nestpick 11,000,000 series A VC Rocket Internet, Mangrove, Enern StartupJuncture DE, LU, PL/CH Q4
InteRNA Technologies 9,500,000 series A VC INKEF InteRNA Technologies NL Q4
Audion Therapeutics 8,300,000 series A VC INKEF + European Union StartupJuncture NL + EU Q3
Dealerdirect 8,000,000 series C VC Rocket & Prime Ventures SiliconCanals DE + NL Q2
Forcare 5,000,000 series B VC Prime Ventures StartupJuncture NL Q2
RCCS unknown VC 5square StartupJuncture NL Q2
Synerscope “millions” series A VC Mangrove SiliconCanals LU Q3
Voltea 5,000,000 series B VC Environmental Technology Fund e.a. Voltea UK Q3
Relay42 undisclosed series A VC + angel Holland Venture StartupJuncture NL Q4
Fastned 4,000,000 convertible notes Breesaap Fastned NL Q1
Luxexcel 4,000,000 series A Munich Venture Partners, PMV, SET Ventures Crunchbase DE + BE + NL Q3
Gitlab 3,600,000 series A VC Khosla StartupJuncture US Q3
Bloomon 3,500,000 series A VC INKEF StartupJuncture NL Q3
Hemics “millions” series A VC’s, strategic De Friesland, DFZ Participaties StartupJuncture NL Q1
BigSolar 3000000 series A Angels, strategic Akef, Doen, Maarten van den Biggelaar FD NL Q1
Tribes “millions” series A Angels Marcel Boekhoorn, Michiel Moller FD NL Q1
Iceleads 3,000,000 series A VC Vortex FD NL Q1
RedSocks 3,000,000 series A angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q2
SolarFreezer “millions” series A VC VolkerWessels, Innovation Fund Twente StartupJuncture NL Q3
SkinVision 3,000,000 series A VC Leo Pharma, Personal Health Solutions Capital Index.co NL Q3
Directlyfrom.nl “millions” angel Jonas Kjellberg Hella Hueck SE Q4
Crowdynews 2,500,000 series A VC’s, strategic INKEF, Press Holdings StartupJuncture NL + SG Q1
Ioniqa Technologies 2,500,000 venture VC Chemelot Ventures Crunchbase NL Q3
CustomerGauge 2,300,000 series A VC Newion StartupJuncture NL Q4
VirtuaGym 2,100,000 series A VC Saffelberg Investments StartupJuncture BE Q4
Sowdan 2,100,000 angels Pieter Schoen NU.nl NL Q4
Dimenco unknown series A Strategic Leyard Photoelectronics FD CN Q1
Star Engines 2,000,000 seed Angel StartupJuncture NL Q1
LookLive 2,000,000 series A VC Volta Ventures, Liberty Global SiliconCanals BE + US Q3
eFaqt 2,000,000 seed VC + angels The Hatch Firm, InvestInFuture StartupJuncture NL Q4
Snappcar 2,000,000 strategic AutoBinck StartupJuncture NL Q4
Nestpick 2,000,000 VC Target Global, b-to-v Partners StartupJuncture RU + DE Q4
8vance 2,000,000 series A VC LBDF, Kickstart Venlo StartupJuncture NL Q4
24i 1,800,000 venture VC Newion Investments Crunchbase NL Q2
BlueBee 1,750,000 seed VC Buysse & Partners, TU Delft StartupJuncture NL Q2
WizeNoze 1,750,000 angel Ministry of Economic Affairs StartupJuncture NL Q2
Bux 1,700,000 series A VC Initial Capital StartupJuncture UK Q3
Clear Flight Solutions 1,600,000 seed VC’s Cottonwood Euro Tech Fund StartupJuncture US Q1
Speakap unknown series A VC & strategic USG & Walvis Participaties FD NL Q2
Onegini 1,500,000 series A VC The Hatch Firm, Innovation Quarter StartupJuncture NL Q4
Deskbookers 1,500,000 seed VC + angels Point Nine Capital StartupJuncture DE + NL Q4
Calendar42 undisclosed seed VC Mainport Innovation Fund StartupJuncture NL Q4
Gitlab 1,360,000 seed VC’s & angels Khosla, 500 startups, Crunchfund, Sound Ventures StartupJuncture US Q3
StuDocu 1,350,000 early stage VC Peak Capital, Point Nine Capital StartupJuncture NL + DE Q4
Authasas unknown seed InnovationQuarter StartupJuncture NL Q1
Framer 1,200,000 seed VC’s, Angellist Foundation Capital, Greylock Partners StartupJuncture US Q1
Tradecast 1,200,000 seed StartupJuncture NL Q4
Cleeng 1,100,000 series A angel Pascel Cagni StartupJuncture FR Q2
Spaceboxx 1,000,000 seed Angels Michiel Muller, Marc Schröder, Maarten Beucker, Marijn Muijser StartupJuncture NL Q1
Reclamefolder.nl unknown series A Strategic RTL Ventures FD NL Q1
LiveWords 1,000,000 series A angels Paranza, Bram Polak Vectrix NL Q2
Pie 1,000,000 series A VC & angels GREE Ventures SiliconCanals JP Q2
Athom / Homey 1,000,000 seed angel StartupJuncture undisclosed Q2
Calendar42 1,000,000 seed angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q3
Eurekite 1,000,000 seed VC Cottonwood StartupJuncture US Q3
Bolt Mobility 1,000,000 convertible notes crowdfunders Leapfunder StartupJuncture NL Q4
Oneplanetcrowd 1,000,000 convertible notes crowdfunders OnePlanetCrowd NL Q4
Housing Anywhere 885,000 seed HenQ, Heuvelrug StartupJuncture NL Q1
Tiqets 870,000 seed consortium StartupJuncture undisclosed Q1
Pimmr 825,000 seed angels Marco Aarnink, Wilco Jiskoot, Wolf Nathan, Peter Jan Rubingh, Willem van der Hooft StartupJuncture NL Q4
Stuk.io 800,000 seed VC Portugal Ventures Portugal Startups PT Q4
PhoeniX Software 500,000-1,000,000 seed StartupJuncture NL Q1
Munisense undisclosed growth VC InnovationQuarter FD NL Q3
Printr 750,000 seed StartupJuncture undisclosed Q4
Peecho 700,000 series A Strategic Peak Capital StartupJuncture NL Q1
Inno4Life undisclosed seed VC Zeeuws Investerings Fonds ZIF NL Q3
Dovideq undisclosed seed VC Zeeuws Investeringsfonds StartupJuncture NL Q4
Manus Machina 650,000 seed Angel StartupJuncture CN Q1
Snappcar 631,000 convertible notes crowdfunders OnePlanetCrowd OnePlanetCrowd NL Q3
Crowdy House 600,000 seed Angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q2
LegalMatters 600,000 seed angels & VC Venture Fathers SiliconCanals NL Q3
Yippie 600,000 seed angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q3
Vraagbod 600,000 seed angels undisclosed no official press undisclosed Q1
Bardoggy 575,000 Altermedia Linkedin NL Q4
Jobado 550,000 seed Angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q1
Plot Projects 550,000 seed, convertible notes Angels Leapfunder, Klaas & Andrei Joosten Plot Projects NL Q1
Cupenya 550,000 seed Crunchbase undisclosed Q1
Symbid 547,000 signed agreement StartupJuncture NL Q1
SendCloud unknown series A Strategic SanomaVentures StartupJuncture NL Q1
Coinsnap 500,000 seed VC L&L Crunchbase LU Q1
WeShareSolar 500,000 seed ifund foundation, DOEN foundation Crunchbase NL Q1
ITSLanguage unknown series A strategic SanomaVentures StartupJuncture NL Q2
ULU 500,000 seed VC Fang Group StartupJuncture CN Q2
Watcher Enterprises 500,000 equity angels Watcher Enterprises NL + CZ Q2
Fanly 500,000 seed Emerce undisclosed Q2
Legalloyd 500,000 seed angels Marco Aarnink e.a. StartupJuncture NL Q3
Instant Magazine 500,000 seed VC Newion Investments StartupJuncture NL Q3
Proforto 500,000 seed angels 4 investors Sprout undisclosed Q3
House of Einstein 500,000 seed angel undisclosed Emerce NL Q4
30MHz 500,000 seed angels undisclosed 30MHz undisclosed Q4
Barqo 500,000 seed angels Jelle Hoffenaar + others Emerce NL Q4
LeadBoxer 500,000 seed VC The Hatch Firm LeadBoxer NL Q4
Avular 450,000 seed Angel StartupJuncture CN Q1
Dashmote 450,000 seed Angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q1
Ace & Tate unknown no official press Q2
Cirqle 400,000 seed angels Angellist undisclosed Q1
Undeveloped 400,000 convertible notes Axivate Capital Crunchbase NL Q2
GrowPromoter 400,000 seed Angel SiliconCanals undisclosed Q2
Daalder 400,000 strategic VC Keadyn StartupJuncture NL Q3
Readmore undisclosed seed VC Axivate SiliconCanals NL Q3
ReSnap 395,000 seed StartupJuncture undisclosed Q1
Tabster 390,000 equity + convertible notes corporates + angels ING, Eijsink + undisclosed no official press NL Q3
Closing the Loop 350,000 seed angels PYMWYMIC FD NL Q3
Pastbook 350,000 seed VC + angels Vortex Capital Partners e.a. StartupJuncture NL Q4
Fastr 335,000 seed angels PPM Oost + angels PPM Oost NL Q4
Mundo 3D printing 300,000 equity crowdfunding crowdfunders Symbid Symbid NL Q2
Monyq 300,000 seed VC Keadyn Keadyn NL Q3
Gociety 256,500 convertible notes crowdfunders OnePlanetCrowd OnePlanetCrowd NL Q2
Bundle 250,000 seed angel Hans Veldhuizen StartupJuncture NL Q2
Undagrid undisclosed seed VC Mainport Innovation Fund NL Q3
Minibrew 250,000 seed VC VOC Capital Partners StartupJuncture NL Q4
iLost 238,000 convertible notes crowdfunders OnePlanetCrowd OnePlanetCrowd NL Q2
Sagent 230,000 seed angel Crunchbase undisclosed Q2
Bundles 225,000 seed angels 3 entrepreneurs Bundles undisclosed Q3
Part-up 215,000 seed angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q2
Iristrace 205,000 convertible notes 7 angels Crunchbase ES Q3
Fadello 200,000 seed angel Crunchbase undisclosed Q1
Notificare 200,000 seed VC Keadyn StartupJuncture NL Q2
Matricore 200,000 seed Limburg Development Business Fund StartupJuncture NL Q3
Fitmo undisclosed seed angel Peter Driessen StartupJuncture NL Q3
Favoroute 195,000 convertible notes crowdfunders Leapfunder NL Q2
Green Battery 160,000 StartupJuncture NL Q4
Storecove 150,000 seed, convertible note Angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q1
Lendahand 150,000 convertible notes crowdfunders OnePlanetCrowd OnePlanetCrowd NL Q1
Tubbber 150,000 seed Crunchbase undisclosed Q1
Festive 150,000 seed angel Connexieb2b undisclosed Q2
Peeeks unknown strategic Eneco Eneco NL Q2
Saint Basics 150,000 equity crowdfunding crowdfunders Symbid Symbid NL Q2
Giaura 144,000 convertible notes crowdfunders Leapfunder NL Q2
Uscout for 140,000 seed angels undisclosed no official press undisclosed Q3
Hugo 126,000 convertible notes Crunchbase undisclosed Q2
Edumundo 125,000 equity crowdfunding crowdfunders Symbid Symbid NL Q2
Mobypark 118,450 convertible notes crowdfunders OnePlanetCrowd OnePlanetCrowd NL Q3
Metrica Sports 100,000 seed angels StartupJuncture undisclosed Q2
Firm2Find 100,000 equity crowdfunding crowdfunders Symbid Symbid NL Q2
Novioponics 100,000 seed Limburg Development Business Fund StartupJuncture NL Q3
Recruitee undisclosed seed angels Robert Pijselman, Luc Brandst Index.co NL Q3
Chasing Spaces undisclosed seed angels Index.co undisclosed Q3
Almanapp 100,000 equity crowdfunding crowdfunders Symbid Symbid NL Q3
Zelfstroom 100,000 equity crowdfunding crowdfunders Symbid Symbid NL Q3
Tabtrader 100,000 seed Impact accelerator Crunchbase ES Q3
GYLD 100,000 equity crowdfunding Crunchbase undisclosed Q3
Cloudgames 100,000 StartupJuncture NL Q4
Chattable 100,000 StartupJuncture NL Q4
Digitale Nazorg 50,000 StartupJuncture NL Q4

Notes on criteria

The goal of the list is to give an overview of investments into startups. We do not include pre-sales crowdfunding (like on Kickstarter), only convertible note or equity crowdfunding. We typically also do not count grants and subsidies, as they have different characteristics and would not be comparable. A startup should also have a Dutch connection: either the company must be based in The Netherlands (e.g. Mobypark) or have Dutch founders (HackerOne).

For the definition of a startup: this is always arbitrary. As we said earlier: the complete table is helpful for anyone who defines the term ‘startup’ differently. For this list, we included big fish like Adyen and Catawiki because they’re still growing fast and, most importantly: these companies are a leading example for the rest of the Dutch startup scene.


We tried to use all available public data sources. We relied on communication directly to the StartupJuncture team, information from accelerators like Rockstart and Startupbootcamp, information from incubators (e.g. YesDelft, ECE and UtrechtInc), information from crowdfunding platforms (Symbid, Leapfunder and OnePlanetCrowd) and from Dealroom, Angellist, Crunchbase and Index. For some of the deals we relied on other news media like FD, SiliconCanals and Emerce.

Photo by skeeze (creative commons via Pixabay)

Lorenz van Gool
Lorenz is co-editor-in-chief of StartupJuncture. As a freelance editor and journalist, he writes about startups, innovation and (e)-business. Loves to report from conferences. Really likes cleantech and journalism startups. You can ask him anything about dinosaurs. Twitter: @lorenzroman

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