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Dutch startups raise €59 million in Q4 2015

Dutch startups so far didn’t make a final sprint to top last year’s total funding of half a billion euro. According to our quarterly overview, there were 34 deals for a total of 59 million euro in Q4. Nestpick and InteRNA Technologies got the most funding in the last quarter of 2015.

With Q4 added, the total money invested in Dutch startups is 428 million euro. That’s at least 72 million euro less then last year, when Dutch startups raised more than 500 million euro in 2014.

Because of larger deals in previous quarters, the fourth quarter’s average investment is way lower: 1.7 million euro – compared to €2.3M (Q1), €2.6M (Q2) and €4.3M (Q3).
Important note: these numbers are based on updated data from our total year overview.

The last quarter of 2015 also had the least amount of deals in comparison to previous quarters: 34 compared to 37 (Q1), 40 (Q2) and 43 (Q3).

The median investment size in Q4 is 1 million euro, higher than all previous quarters this year.

Data in this table is also based on our complete 2015 data.


Name Amount (€) Type By Who Link Investment from country
Nestpick 11,000,000 series A VC Rocket Internet, Mangrove, Enern StartupJuncture DE, LU, PL/CZ
InteRNA Technologies 9,500,000 series A VC INKEF Dealroom NL
Relay42 undisclosed series A VC + angel Holland Venture StartupJuncture NL
Directlyfrom.nl “more than 3 million”   angel Jonas Kjellberg Hella Hueck SE
CustomerGauge 2,300,000 series A VC Newion Investments CustomerGauge NL
VirtuaGym 2,100,000 series A VC Saffelberg Investments StartupJuncture BE
Sowdan 2,100,000   angels Pieter Schoen NU.nl NL
Snappcar 2,000,000 strategic   AutoBinck StartupJuncture NL
Nestpick 2,000,000   VC Target Global, b-to-v Partners StartupJuncture RU + DE
eFaqt 2,000,000 seed VC + angels The Hatch Firm, InvestInFuture StartupJuncture NL
8vance 2,000,000 series A VC LBDF, Kickstart Venlo StartupJuncture NL
Onegini 1,500,000 series A VC The Hatch Firm, Innovation Quarter StartupJuncture NL
Deskbookers 1,500,000 seed VC + angels Point Nine Capital StartupJuncture DE + NL
Calendar42 undisclosed seed VC Mainport Innovation Fund StartupJuncture NL
StuDocu 1,350,000 early stage VC Peak Capital, Point Nine Capital StartupJuncture NL + DE
Tradecast 1,200,000 seed   Rabobank IJsseldelta + shareholders StartupJuncture NL
Bolt Mobility 1,000,000 convertible notes crowdfunders   StartupJuncture NL
OnePlanetCrowd 1,000,000 convertible notes crowdfunders   OnePlanetCrowd NL
Pimmr 825,000 seed angels Marco Aarnink, Wilco Jiskoot, Wolf Nathan, Peter Jan Rubingh, Willem van der Hooft StartupJuncture NL
Stuk.io 800,000 seed VC Portugal Ventures Dealroom PT
Printr 750,000 seed   undisclosed StartupJuncture undisclosed
Dovideq undisclosed seed VC Zeeuws Investeringsfonds StartupJuncture NL
Bardoggy 575,000     Altermedia Linkedin NL
LeadBoxer 500,000 seed VC The Hatch Firm Index.co NL
House of Einstein 500,000 seed angel undisclosed Emerce NL
Barqo 500,000 seed angels Jelle Hoffenaar + others Emerce NL
30MHz 500,000 seed angels undisclosed 30Mhz blog undisclosed
Pastbook 350,000 seed VC + angels Vortex Capital Partners e.a. StartupJuncture NL
Fastr 335,000 seed angels PPM Oost + angels PPM Oost NL Q4
Minibrew 250,000 seed VC VOC Capital Partners StartupJuncture NL
Green Battery 160,000       StartupJuncture NL
Cloudgames 100,000       StartupJuncture NL
Chattable 100,000       StartupJuncture NL
Digitale Nazorg 50,000       StartupJuncture NL

Honorable mentions

As you know, we don’t include any form of subsidies. But the €10.2M grant from Bill Gates to In2Care to help fight malaria is hard to neglect as a positive stimulus for the startup.

Image by Dennis Jarvis @Flickr

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