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InnovationQuarter to invest €5M in robotics company

Regional investor in The Hague InnovationQuarter is investing 5 million euro in local company Robot Robots Company (RRC), alongside with Rabobank The Hague and several venture capitalists.

This will be announced today during the Access to Capital event in The Hague today.

Robot Robots Company is a specially established holding consisting of three companies: Robot Care Systems, Robot Security Systems and Robot Engineered Systems – spinoffs from retailer in security and surveillance hardware Lobeco.

The money will be used for the development of their showpiece robots SAM (surveillance) and LEA (elderly care). Custom robots will be built by Robot Engineered Systems. Also, the investment makes sure the robots are being introduced to the European market.


This deal marks another success for The Hague as a security hub for entrepreneurs. Although the last two major investments in security had the ‘cyber’ label (Redsocks, Onegini), we value this wider perspective on the word ‘security’.

Image: RRC

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