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These are the 10 startups in the Rockstart 2016 Smart Energy Accelerator

Today Rockstart’s Smart Energy accelerator programme starts for the third time. Here’s a look at the ten new startups from eleven countries!

In 150 days the startups will fine-tune their business and will prepare themselves for scaling. The Demo Day is in Amsterdam on July 6.

Notable alumni from the previous Smart Energy batches are Qwiksense and WeShareSolar (from the 2014 class), and Bleeve and Finch (2015).

Here are the startups (in alphabetical order):

Crownstone (Netherlands)

Crownstone offers a hardware device using AI to find the indoor location of people with smart devices.

Dajie (Italy)

Dajie (Distributed Autonomous Joint Internet & Energy) delivers a modular toolkit solution for distributed internet & energy technologies to build and manage autonomous infrastructures for smart grids and IoT.

eGEO (Colombia)

eGEO develops Internet of Things hardware and software for a simple and affordable smart grid – benefitting both the end user and utilities.

Flowbox (Czech Republic)

Flowbox is an energy management system with the primary function of the continuous measurement of all the types of energies consumed by a customer.

Geolumen (Italy)

Geolumen produces and sells integrated smart lighting systems for public and private consumers utilizing point-to-point mesh wireless architecture.

MagicView (Netherlands/Belgium/China)

MagicView, founded in 2005, markets a patented location-based mobility transaction system, enabling seamless multi-modal traveling. It allows commuters to reserve and pay for parking spaces, seats in public transport or shared rides.

Newatt (Brazil)

Newatt is an energy management solution providing energy efficiency for medium/large retail stores and supermarket chains.

Sympower (Estonia/UK)

Sympower is a platform connecting smart energy things for demand response and frequency reserve.

Vebbu (Croatia)

Vebbu improve individual homes’ climate with smart heating and ventilation systems. The first product coming to the market is a smart heat recovery pipe, driven by a CO2 sensor, humidity sensor and a barometric sensor.

Wapo.io (Greece)

Wapo.io delivers energy efficiency engagement in commercial buildings through automated opportunity discovery, personalization and collaboration between teams.

Image: eGeo

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