About the blog

StartupJuncture is a blog about all things related to Dutch startups. StartupJuncture was founded in September 2012 by four original authors (Samir, Sieuwert, Tijs and Wouter), each with a background in business and a passion for startups. The common goal of the editors is to make Startup Juncture a central platform with relevant articles and news on, from and for the Dutch startup scene. StartupJuncture is often cited by other Dutch media such as NU.nl, Emerce, Sprout and the Dutch newspapers. Our readers reach us via Twitter (@startupjuncture), the StartupJuncture Facebook page, Linkedin and reblogs.

Note that as of March 2018, StartupJuncture has scaled back and will only post a quarterly overview.

Past editors:

About the foundation

StartupJuncture is governed by the Stichting Startup Juncture, an official not for profit foundation to support the Dutch startup community. The Foundation is registered at the KvK Utrecht under number 58953175. The postal address is Kees van Bohemenhof 24, 3544 MC Utrecht. Current directors of the foundation are Samir Saberi, Tijs Markusse and Sieuwert van Otterloo.

Copyright and reposting

All articles on the blog are copyrighted by their authors. We allow reposting of these articles as long as StartupJuncture is mentioned and there is a link back to the original article. Please give us a heads up if you do so.