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Clevergig is an exciting new player in Tech HR. We develop software solutions for the gig economy, so companies can easily manage their flexible workforce, and workers have the freedom to work whenever they want, for whom they want.

The gig economy is here to stay. An increasing number of workers is choosing to make a living via several sources of income. And smart companies are shifting to a more flexible workforce to deal with peaks and source specific knowledge. We foresee a future where workers no longer have a fixed role within a single company but are dynamically teamed together from project to project, based on skills, knowledge and staffing needs.

HR management tool for the gig-economy

A company’s workforce is an important asset that drives business value. Mismanaging that workforce can lead to increased costs and lost revenues. The planning and scheduling of that workforce is a key task in industries where customer demand is unpredictable and workers primarily work in shifts. Many smaller to medium sized enterprises in retail, construction, warehousing and hospitality use dated tools or manual processes to schedule and communicate with workers. 

Clevergig offers an HR management tool, to easily manage and schedule a flexible workforce. It is built for the gig economy, where workers want more freedom to decide when and where they work, and where companies can more flexibly and quickly tap into a pool of workers to complete certain shifts or tasks. Both the online dashboard for the manager as well as the worker app have a beautiful design, with an intuitive user interface. Our software is built from the ground up with the mobile worker and manager in mind.

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