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How can learning for kids who grow up in a digital era be more adventurous and attractive? How can we help primary schools with their need for a future proof learning method that facilitates a transition from teacher-oriented learning to child-oriented learning?

With these two questions, we started our experiment Faqta two years ago. Recently, we turned our experiment into a business as we discovered a huge need for a different approach in education by children, teachers and school managers.

Children want to learn as millenials, but the current learning materials are very boring. Besides, primary education digitalizes rapidly and there is a growing demand for a more theme-based approach by schools where devices can be part of the learning method. So there is Faqta now: Netflix for primary education.

Netflix for primary education

Faqta is an attractive theme-based learning method covering approximately 30% of current Dutch primary curriculum. With subjects like for instance history, art, geograpy, technics, nature, digital literacy or foreign languages. Faqta stimulates talent development, general knowledge and 21st century skills. We facilitate teachers with a plug&play learning environment and additional learning materials. Faqta replaces current learning methods with an approach of adventurous and exploratory learning that children and teachers love.

Since January 17 till now, more than 300 primary schools are working with our learning materials and testing it for adoption in August for the next school year. Since March this year, we have our first paying customers on board and the traction has started.

What about the team? Our team has a track record in education and media and we work with more than 20 professionals (including 13 authors) that are all passionate to create the best educational product ever.  Currently, we are ready for the next step and look for funding to scale our business.

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