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Hi! I’m Julia, co-founder and creative lead of LifeSense.

As a designer, I come across many nice tables and chairs. But what about well designed medical products?

LifeSense is a B2b women’s health venture helping women combat urine loss after childbirth and menopause.

Yup. Not so glamorous. But this hidden and huge problem affects 1 in 3 women after childbirth and 6 out of 10 never dare speak about it! I mean, why would you. Its awful! Its embarrassing. This disruption affects 200 million women and their families everyday. In fact, my family was one of them.

With our first product Carin, we can help these women.

Smart protective underwear

Carin is an award winning set that includes an exercise app and a smart protective underwear, that teaches women how to train their pelvic floor muscles. Women see results in 2-4 weeks and are cured in 6-8 weeks. Carin is available on the market and targets women between the ages of 30-60. We use design and technology to empower women in their daily life.

Carin is developed by LifeSense. We kicked of in 2012 with a 1.000.000 euro seed investment. Between 2012 and 2015 we developed Carin with over 100 women and filed for 13 patent applications. In 2016 Carin was CE certified and FDA class II approved and we established a global client base from our offices in Eindhoven & Tokyo.

In 2017 we are aiming higher than ever before and looking to raise a series A investment of 5million euros to bring Carin to the rest of the world.

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