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In this digital age, having a decent website is a must, and it needs an original and professional design at that. If you don’t want to end up with yet another copy of an existing template, you enlist the service of a web agency to build one for you. A webdesigner will create your design, but that is just the beginning. Next a webdeveloper will try to translate the design into code to go in to the Content Management System. This translation is where misunderstanding and differences of opinion enter into the process. In many cases the developer’s system of choice limits how well the design can be realized. In the end, you will have spent a lot of time and money, but you didn’t get exactly what you wanted.

Empowering webdesigners

By utilizing the technologies behind Bitcoin and blockchain, we made it simple to create websites. SimplyEdit removes the need for development skills, just design skills and knowledge of HTML and CSS are needed. This empowers the webdesigner to design a good website and publish it directly, without a developer. The client or his content editor gets the added benefit of having a very simple way of editing content directly in the website, without fear of affecting the design. No more complex user guides or style guides are necessary.

We at SimplyEdit believe that websites should be designed, not developed. This saves time and money, and truly gives you a website without concessions.

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