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Many city people would love to add some green to their lives in the urban jungle. But somehow in an ever-changing world, the horticulture industry stood still. Plants are sold as they did 30 years ago. A frustrating process for plant lovers. How do you know what plants suit your home, garden or balcony? And how to keep them alive and happy?

Sprinklr has the solution! Sprinklr offers beautiful selections of plants curated by stylists.

A little love

On www.sprinklr.co you can choose: inside or outside, shade or full sun. Big or small. Your plants get delivered straight from organic or sustainable growers to your doorstep. Then the Sprinklr app helps you to keep them green. We let you know when your plant needs a little love. And when it’s still in trouble, you get personal advice from an expert. This way Sprinklr reconnects you to nature in your own home. We want to shake up the horticulture industry by offering the best consumer solution, stimulating toxic free growing and reducing the co2 footprint of plants. So that Sprinklr becomes the supplier of green greens in big cities all over Europe.

Let sprinkle the grey cities green.

For the full list of the semi-finalists go to the main article.

Photo Credit: Marie Wanders