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SwipeGuide. Visual user guides.

When was the last time you read a user manual? Frustrating experience, right?

Every day piles of paper are wasted on hopelessly old fashioned user manuals that no one understands, printed in 8 different languages and never answers the question that you have. Searching online certainly doesn’t get you anywhere, but to that same lousy manual in a non searchable pdf!

Yes… The world of instructions is still stuck in the last century and that is why we decided to start SwipeGuide.

SwipeGuide empowers companies and their employees to create the best instruction experience possible by delivering an intuitive ready-to-use cloud software application which enables them to create interactive and visual step-by-step instructions that are published instantly to mobile devices.

From analog to digital manuals

With our software, anyone – whether you are product marketeer at Philips or an industrial designer at Babboe – can easily create effective instructions for use without prerequisite knowledge of technical writing.

That is, among many other things, because our application will have intelligent editor assistance. A feature that has translated minimalistic instructional design principles to machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms in our software.  Simply put, our application guides the editor in the creation of the instruction structure, imagery and text to help improve the effectiveness of the instruction. And of course we’ll track all data which offers an insight companies never had before on their instructions.

We’re building an customer experience tech tool to improve product experience and reduce customer service costs for companies, but most importantly…

We are on a mission to simplify your world by making any new task easier to do. One user manual, one work instruction at a time.

Willemijn Schneyder and Daan Assen. Proud Founders.

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