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Startup Fest 2016

Between 24-27 May 2016 The Netherlands will be the place where every startup in the world wants to be

Startup Fest 2016 is a four day marathon of matchmaking between startups, investors, developers, creatives and corporates.

Fourteen regional innovation hubs will host world class events In the first half of 2016 The Netherlands holds the presidency of the European Union. Startup Fest Europe is going to be a great way to show the world that the West Coast of Europe is a hot bed for startups and innovation. We will do this with inspirational speakers, mind blowing demos and a great opportunity to make deals, deals and more deals.

These four days are all about helping startups raise money, attract talent and connect with their peers, founders, leading scientists, venture capitalists, corporates, creatives and policy makers.

Raise money

With the help of the International Circle of Influencers (ICI) we intend to invite top investors and business leaders from Silicon Valley and other parts of the startup world. We will connect them with the regional Tech Hub events that match their interest and portfolio.

Connect with corporates

Big companies know that disruption nowadays can come from everywhere. Through corporate venturing and “acq-hiring”, working with startups is proving to be the new way forward. StartupFest Europe will act as the ultimate matchmaking festival for startups and corporates.

Attract co-founders, creatives and developers

During Startup Fest we will welcome all international guests with open arms. The perfect excuse for international talent to discover The Netherlands, and perhaps stick around. There will be fast-tracking events at our renowned museums and hip cultural institutions. We invite you to experience our diverse, explorative and open-minded culture and participate in hackathons, lan-party’s and more. Visit the epic dance party on the final day

For more information, you can visit startupfest.eu
More details on the full programme and how to participate will follow soon!

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