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Social Robotics Pop-up lab

Social Robotics Pop-up lab

The Social Robotics Pop-up Lab instigates societal debate on how robotics can improve our lives.

We do so with industry leaders, scientists, artists, and technologists. Ideas go into the labs and studios; results are fed back to society as friendly, creative, reality-driven robots (e.g. in health or education).

This event is an initiative of Johan Hoorn, director of research group SELEMCA of the VU Amsterdam, and KPMG Innovative Startups.


Johan Hoorn – Carebot Alice
Desmond Germans – Tinybots
Eric Wesselman – Partner KPMG
Ivan Henriques – Robot artist


Expo & Interactive Demos
Robot producers present their work interactively during the expo. Walk around to see the potential of social robotics.

Robot entertainment
Get entertained by a large number of different robots and the possibilities to interact with them.

Experts on stage
A wide variety of robot makers, artists and experts will present their work and views on stage. Get inspired!

Chinese room experiment
In this live experiment participants interact with a mysterious box to find out what is inside.

Societal debate
Share your opinion on how robotics can improve our living standards, and listen to others’ views on this topic.

Movie: ‘Ik ben Alice’
Dutch movie directed by Sander Burger (Key Docs) that highlights the need for social robotics.

Networking drinks
At the end of the event there will be an opportunity to connect and talk with other attendees of the event.

For more information, and for tickets, please go to the event’s website, www.popup-lab.com

Joffrey Mandersloot
Joffrey is a freelance writer and editor for startupjuncture, with a background in biology and environmental studies.

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