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The best company blogs by Dutch startups

A company blog is a great showpiece of your startup. It gives you a voice, it offers transparency for users and it can be used for content marketing. It can be a showcase for what your product or service can do for customers and other businesses. Needless to say it’s also a simple and crafty way of letting investors and media know what your startup is up to.

Looking for resources? Here are 8 Dutch startups nailing their company blog, and why:

Sales / PR / Marketing

The Fileboard blog is one of the top sales blogs in the world. Every piece of content is a homerun. Not to mention the outstanding cartoony artwork in each article. Posts appear on a regular basis.

PR.co Academy gives very detailed tips on how to use their online newsrooms, but also on how to make the perfect content for those newsrooms. The perfect mix of insights and inspiration.

HR / recruiting

Cocoon is fairly new in the Dutch startup scene, but already their blog is a decent mix of serious and fun articles on recruiting and finding a job.

Recruitee posts more regular. Clearly the team has thought out a content marketing strategy for the Recruitee blog. What appeals the most are stories of their clients, where the startup really gets in-depth.


The Equidam blog is everything a founder wishes for. This blog goes beyond their core business of valuation and getting funded. The latest European trends, videos, podcasts, a weekly read list, talks with VCs… so much intel!

Dealroom is much like a Crunchbase. The blog really stands out because they publish cool findings every week, based on the data of the platform. For instance: the state of online travel startups.

Leapfunder always surprises us with cool insights and inspiration. From founders’ traits to tips for shareholders agreements: the Leapfunder blog is a great resource. They also highlight some of the companies currently in a crowdfunding campaign, to get to know the business better.


Fritts is a solar energy consulting startup that has been blogging since 2009 about how to get the most out of solar. From regulations to price advantages: Fritts stands for insights. Unfortunately the blog is in Dutch only.

Know other great examples of Dutch startup company blogs? Let us know in the comments!

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Lorenz van Gool
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  1. Matias Rodsevich says:

    What about the Impraise blog!? Amazing HR content: blog.impraise.com

    • Lorenz van Gool says:

      Absolutely Matias! I’ve considered it, but wanted a round 2 as well. Impraise will be in that one!

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