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Podcast: How to quickly scale to 66 countries (Michel Willems, BimBimBikes)

In the new European startup podcast Startup Milestones, aimed at inspiration for founders, co-founder Michel Willems of BimBimBikes shares his lessons learned. How do you quickly scale to 66 countries worldwide?

While there are certainly a lot of podcasts available with ‘startups’ as their main topic, most of the time it has a focus on the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Or it’s just a summary of the latest news. A new podcast called Startup Milestones, a ‘passion project’ by Austrian entrepreneur Florian Kandler, is a show purely for founders. We love these initiatives and we hope someday a Dutch project will follow.

In the fourth episode he interviews Michel Willems of Rotterdam-based BimBimBikes, the ‘Booking.com’ for bikes. This summer it got a 250.000 euro investment. Another Dutch startup to appear in the show is Yasir Khokhar’s Connecterra.

You can listen to the podcast here. Too lazy to listen? Here’s a recap:

When the podcast with Connecterra airs, we’ll be writing a summary as well.

Image: yorgunum @ Pixabay

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