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DashTag raises another 550.000 euro to launch in US market

Rotterdam-based DashTag raised another seed round of 550.000 euro from several Dutch angel investors. With that money the sports stats startup can launch its product in the US.

The startup creates a sports sensor to measure relevant data. It focuses on football/soccer for now.

Last year DashTag got a 250.000 euro investment, so now totalling 800.000 euro in seed money. The new funding allows the startup to finish their product, take it to market and, especially, the US market.

Sweet spot

There it has around 10.000 pre-orders, says CMO Dirk van den Berg to StartupJuncture. “In the US our product really hit the sweet spot. There are a lot of soccer academies and in America everyone just loves data.”

One of the clever things DashTag did, was convert real life speed, sprint and fitness stats to a stat in a videogame, like FIFA 17. “When we say to young players they ran X kilometers or miles per hour, they don’t blink. When we asked if they would want their own ‘pace’ stat, just like in FIFA, they all leap up. To ‘translate’ such difficult information into something more understandable, is crucial in reaching amateur football players.”

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