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Restaurant The Avocado Show raises 5 million dollar to expand globally

Europe’s first avocado restaurant received an investment for international expansion. Interesting turn, from unicorns to avocado’s, in the startup industry everything is possible!

Multimillion investment to expand globally

Just six months after the opening of the hyped avocado restaurant, it received a multimillion-dollar investment to expand globally. Not only by opening up new restaurants with avocado as a main ingredient, also by launching a collection of avocado-themed gifts and products. Merchandise is still a big business when done right. Investment company Orange Wings, led by leading avocado lady Shawn Harris and her business partner Adrielle Dankier, saw big business in the green hipster fruit.

Hype before opening

The Avocado Show opened it’s first restaurant in de Pijp area in Amsterdam in March 2017. Only the announcement of the restaurant was covered in more than 60 countries and the restaurant had over 50.000 fans in a few weeks. During weekends people are waiting in line to get a spot in this special place.

“Before we opened, we received over 80 requests from entrepreneurs who wanted to start a franchise venue. Nowadays it’s 150 from all over the world – says Julien Zaal, co-founder.

That explains why investors believe in expansion abroad. The first new licensed venue of The Avocado Show is scheduled to open in Europe shortly. The merchandise will launch in 2018.

the avocado show founders

Holy guacamole

Co-founder and creative mastermind behind The Avocado Show Ron Simpson looks back on a rollercoaster, which reads like a fairytale. He and his avocado-obsessed friend Julien Zaal wanted to open their own place, one moth later they randomly ran into the biggest avocado importer of the world. The partnership now comes with an investment that definitely puts avocado on the map in Europe.

We can only hope unicorns love them some good avocado’s too!

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