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Comparison startup ScanMovers raises €500K angel money

Amsterdam-based movers comparison startup ScanMovers has raised half a million euros form a group of housing and mortage market informals.

The captial raised will be used for expanding the platform such that it enables ‘the customer in his or her journey to find the perfect mover’, says  Boyan Nijpels, founder of ScanMovers to StartupJuncture. “That investors come from our sector feels like a confirmation that we are on the right track. This allows us to better connect consumers with the mover who fits their needs.”

Part of the value proposition of the startup is to help the quite traditional movers market to improve their online visibility and make more data-driven decisions. For example by estimating the duration and extent of particular moves. “This enables them to deliver faster, better and more efficient quotes”, says Nijpels.

Giant price differences

Movers in the same city, who move the same cargo, can be up to two times more expensive. Striking is that more expensive movers do not appear to be better. Nijpels and is co-founder Maurits Koopman experienced this lack of transparency personally. “We realized it was quite hard to compare them and their reliability and quality. After that, we made the disastrous decision to fix the move ourselves (renting a bus etc). We really couldn’t have screwed up more that day which caused quite some tension”, says Nijpels. Adding: “After that day we basically decided we wouldn’t be executing the move ourselves ever again. Basically, that was the first seed that eventually grew into ScanMovers.”

Photo by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash

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