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IoT startup Triggi raises €1.1M from Talpa media exec Pim Schmitz 

The team behind the Dutch ‘Nest’ smart thermostate ‘Toon’ has raised 1.1. million euro from a group of investors for their IoT startup Triggi. Pim Schmitz, the CEO of Talpa, the media company of billionaire John de Mol, is the most prominent investor in the startup. The founders, Arjen Noorbergen and Tom Meijeraan, and existing investors also participated in the round. The capital raised will be used to accelerate the development of the platform so growth funding can follow.

Triggi aims to solve the ancient interoperability problem of connected devices. Triggi applies a IFTTT (If-This-Than-That) rule structure with API-powered real-time linkages between services and devices relevant to each user.   In the app, end-users can create real-time smart rules, which is named  “triggs” in the company. The fact that the triggs follow a IFTTT format enables users to personalise their commands and start one or more actions.

The startup is currently active in over 50 countries, with the highest density of users in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. Devices and services that are already connected to Triggi are the smart thermostats Toon and Nest and services of Philips. The platform has currently 20.000 users. The cloud-based rule engine of the Triggi enables, interestingly, also IFTTT actions with services. This makes the application of Triggi in non-IoT companies also possible. A bank can for instance utilise Triggi as well. For instance for an upgraded notice such as ‘When my balance is below €100, then send me a notification and change the color of my light to red.’ founder Mijeraan said in a previous interview.  Triggi aims to garner 100 million calls or Triggs in the company’s parlance per day in the next 5 years. It operates in the same space as competitors IFTTT, Stringfy and Yonomi.

Photo Credit: https://triggi.com

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