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Shypple raises funding form BOM

The comparison startup for see freight Shypple has raised an undisclosed amount from the Brabant Development Cooperation (BOM). Though the specific amount is not disclosed a spokesperson of BOM indicates that the investment concerns several hundreds of thousands of euros instead of millions. Shypple will use the capital raised to up the development of its platform and add more people to the team.

Founded in 2016, Shypple is after the huge international trade market. Covering 90 percent of international trade, merchant shipping is the lifeblood of the world economy. The startup aims to help its clients to do benchmarking, get freight quotes, compare different quotes and filter on departure or arrival date, price and transit time. In short, the startup claims to have digitised the whole and often cumbersome process of communication and documentation in the industry.

“By gathering all these bits and pieces of information in a central online environment Shypple subjugates all traditional forms of communication between the forwarder and the people of the concerning import or export company”, says Shypple-founder Jarell Habets to the online Dutch publication Computable. “In this way our clients can work faster and more easily and we enable our clients to work at structuerally lower costs while at the same time provide a better service.

Currenlty Shypple has six people on its team. Habets: “We have talented people at every single position. Now it’s time to scale the team. Besides capital BOM offers us the logistical knowledge and network that is needed in this phase of the devleopment to our company.

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