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Dutch Startup News: Bynder, WeTech Rotterdam, Concord, Xebialabs

What happens in the startup scene in The Netherlands right now? Find out in another Dutch startup news update!

News & Updates

Bynder acquires Webdam

Marketing startup Bynder has acquired Shutterstock‘s Webdam. The Amsterdam-based startup, founded in 2013 develops marketing software that allows marketers to create and share content within a secured environment. Bynder has raised 22 million euro in 2016 from Insight Ventures. It’s paying 49.1 million USD for Webdam.  That fact that it has attracted that kind of money to acquire Webdam signals the trust investors have in the team’s ability to secure a large part of the vertical they are operating in.

Sprout startup of the year Travis the Translator is crowdfunding Travis Blue 

Rotterdam-based startup Travis the Translator and 2018 Sprout Startup of the Year (in Dutch) has started a crowdfunding campaign of a tiny figure of  35.000 USD for the development of its Travis Blue device. Still a month left for the campaign Travis de Translator has already raised 126 % of this figure. The startup has quit some crowdfunding experience and success. Previously it raised a total of 1.9 million USD on the same platform.

Rotterdam launches WeTech Rotterdam

Different cities in the Netherlands are claiming their spot on the global tech map. Being a bit lucky Amsterdam has claimed the number of spot also in part by virtue of being the capital of the country. Delft, Eindhoven and now other cities are now also claiming their seat. Almost two years ago Brian Gharibaan and co-founders launched the epictenter of the Hague Tech community, The Hague Tech. And now entrepreneurs Hans Scheffer (HelloPrint), Ohad Gilad en Martijn Don (42workspace) have launched WeTech Rotterdam. Goal: ‘Put Rotterdam on the map as the leading European tech city.


Concord Neonatal raises 300.000 euro from UNIIQ

Concord Neonatal, a spin-off from Leiden University Medical Center has raised 300.000 euros (in Dutch) in proof of concept funding from UNIIQ. The Concord is an innovative delivery table that enables physicians to provide critical – lifesaving in many instances – care in the first minutes after birth without having to cut the umbilical cord first.

XebiaLabs raises 100 million USD

Xebia spinn-off Xebialabs has raised a staggering 100 million USD in Series-B funding in a round led by Susquehanna Growth Equity en Accel. The company plans to use the capital raised for the further growth of the company and the addition of developers to its team. The company grew with 117% in 2017 and added household names like AIG, Bank of America, Toyota and Nasa to its client base.

Monday Read

Wearable devices need to fit into our lives before they can change them

A deep dive by Dieter Bohn on the Vaunt Glasses of Intel. Glasses that look ‘normal.’ Another piece of wisdom from this article for product managers. ‘Sometimes a better way to succeed is to make the problem smaller.

SaaS marketing 101: marketing for growth and survival

Here is a (yet again) great article by Intercom’s Brian Kotlyar on demand generation. How do you build demand? How do you find customers? How do you avoid being eaten by a bear?

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