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Mobile payment startup Daalder receives €400k funding from Keadyn

Venture-building and investor firm Keadyn has acquired a stake in Daalder, the Amsterdam-based mobile payment service. With the investment, Daalder wants to say goodbye to the interference of banks, cutting paper and plastic along the way.

It’s the second round of investment for the startup, which earlier received money from angel investor Chris Zanders.

Daalder, founded in 2013, is an e-wallet founded by Renz Millenaar (CEO), Romke de Vries (CTO) and Reinhard Spronk (shareholder). The name of the startup is a reference to the historical Dutch coin ‘daalder’ (which circulated until 1847).

Payments are made through the app, which hosts an e-wallet that can be filled with digital Euros. Daalder cuts out the banks so that businesses will not be charged high transaction fees and will receive payments more quickly.

Daalder management buy-in

Together with Keadyn, Daalder will also actively search for companies to partner with. Apart from Keadyn, Vince Blondeel (CCO and Partner) completed the second-round venture funding for Daalder with a management buy-in in the startup.

It’s the second fintech investment from Keadyn in a short time. Earlier this month 300.000 euro was invested in Monyq.

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