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Security startup WePrevent secures funding to prevent theft and vandalism

Amsterdam-based WePrevent secured an undisclosed investment from VOC Capital Partners. The security startup prevents crimes like theft, vandalism and burglaries with live video surveillance.

WePrevent works with a dedicated remote security officers in control centers in eastern Europe. They can notify the authorities in time, sending the live images to them, before the crime even starts. The startup promises a secure VPN and a fast connection.

“We want to break with traditional camera surveillance companies”, says managing director Willem Tacken to StartupJuncture. So how does it work exactly? “Security works in shifts of two hours. They watch the screen while smart software analyzes the images, recognizing threats before they can occur. There’s always a supervisor in the room. We’re thinking about centers in Asia as well, because when it’s night in the US, it’s daytime there.”


The startup has clients like rich and famous people in The Netherlands. WePrevent charges as much as 5 euro per camera per day, to prices up to 129 euro per camera per month for 24/7 surveillance. Customers have access to the real time camera images via an app.

“It’s not just about prevention. It’s also about feeling safe and comfortable, knowing you have a personal guard”, says Tacken.

Although no financial details where disclosed the typical investment size of VOC is between 500K and 3.2M. However, VOC funded Minibrew for 250K last year. According to Tacken the money will be used to expand watch centers, hire new people, for app development and marketing. Which says to us the investment might be well over 500K.

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