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Artist management platform ABOSS gets €200k seed investment from Keadyn

Amsterdam­-based startup ABOSS closed its first seed round, raising 200.000 euro from Dutch VC Keadyn. The investment lets the company prepare for an international expansion.

ABOSS is a back-office system for artists, artist managers and booking agencies. It is literally loaded with features to help make their lives more easy.

The startup was founded in 2014 by Arvid Silos and Thomas van Beek. Besides Dutch dj’s like Armin van Buuren and Junkie XL, several international agencies and artists use the platform.

Next to Keadyn, Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) and Fatih Kahyaoglu (former commercial manager ID&T) have coinvested.

Back-office bullshit

Co-founder Arvid Silos was tour manager and production manager for several international acts. We can only applaud the way he explains why he started ABOSS, having the guts to say it like it is:

“Having worked in the music industry for many years we have seen the struggle of artists trying to focus on their creative talents while practical things get in the way. We believe that a magical thing such as music should never be obstructed by practical issues; back-office bullshit.”

Martijn Don, Founding Partner of Keadyn: “ABOSS is a great step forward in terms of efficiency and accuracy for artists, artist managers and booking agencies in the music industry. It proves to add value for the biggest names in dance scene.”

Image: ABOSS

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