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Semiotic Labs and Fibriant next two startups to get funding from UNIIQ

The proof-of-concept fund for the South Holland region UNIIQ today announced two more investments. Semiotic Labs (smart energy) gets 600.000 euro and Fibriant (biotech) picks up 300.000 euro.

Smart energy

Semiotic Labs is a startup that aims to predict downtime of machinery and equipment with the help of deep/machine learning algorithms. Next to the standard 300k from UNIIQ, energy company Engie also invested another 300k.

“Normally we don’t need co-financers, but the experience of Engie really helps. So their investment was more than welcome”, UNIIQ fund manager Liduina Hammer said to StartupJuncture.


Fibriant is a biotech startup focusing on the development and production of recombinant fibrinogen. Fibrinogen is a protein found in blood and plays an important role in blood clotting, tissue repair and natural defences against infections. The 300.000 euro investment allows the company to complete studies to eventually make the production of fibrinogen variations commercially viable.

The province of South Holland has something to look out to: Hammer told there will be more investments disclosed soon.

Image: screengrab from Fibriant website

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