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Eye on Air gets €1.8M to bring explosives detection system to market

Dutch investments in this first quarter are booming. Latest player in the funding game: Eye on Air from Enschede, which created a sensor for the fast screening of explosives on/in passengers and luggage.

The money comes from existing shareholder Mainport Innovation Fund I and several private investors. The investment will be used to expand its development team (mechanical, electrical and software engineers) and to bring its product to market.

Detection of explosives

Detection of minimal quantities (‘traces’) of explosives is known as Explosive Trace Detection. Airports and safety authorities around the world have expressed a keen interest in such detection. Eye on Air technology will contribute to solving a major dilemma at airports: adequate protection of citizens at airports through fast and efficient detection of explosives, resulting in the least amount of inconvenience possible, such as waiting times and physical contact. The startup is cooperating with Dutch airline KLM and Schiphol Airport, which are also participants of the fund.

“We will also look at other applications for our highly sensitive sensor technology, such as early detection of
leaks of volatile substances in pipes, or detection of contaminants in the ambient air”, said Ewoud Maaskant, CEO of the startup.

Eye on Air was founded in 2013 by former University of Twente scientists Sergey Mitko (CSO) and Yuri Oudalov (CTO). Their business is based at Kennispark Twente in Enschede and at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Image: Eye on Air website

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