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Medical AI startup Aidence raises €2.25 million seed investment

Aidence raised the seed investment from notable VC investors: Northzone, henQ, Health Innovations and the investment fund of the Haaglanden hospital group. The investment will be used to expand the technical and commercial teams and expand international impact.

Aidence focuses on AI to read radiological images

Aidence created a deep learning process to revolutionise the medical imaging market. By using Deep Learning to improve processes, better outcomes and diagnostics can be reached. Using Computer-Aided Diagnostics, with a first application in lung cancer, the Aidence software can detect symptoms easier, faster and more accurate. Above all, it’s cheaper, as the software can interpreter X-ray, MRI and CT images. The revolutionary AI technology is so precise it can analyse images with human-level accuracy. The Deep Learning technology is now mainly used to track lung cancer, but Aidence is working on more applications like chest CT as well as MR imaging of joints and the brain.

Mark-Jan Harte, CEO Aidence: “We are convinced AI can improve the life of patients by diagnosing earlier and more accurate. Also it would decrease the work pressure on medical specialists, as the technology can be seen as a ‘second pair of eyes’. Our ultimate goal is to create a level of diagnostic qualities comparable with the joint knowledge of human experts and offer this to all the hospitals in the world”.

Coen van Duiven, partner at henQ: “We are impressed with what Mark-Jan Harte, Jeroen van Duffelen and their team have built and are excited to partner with them to build the diagnostics product of the future.”

Hospital of the future?

Would the Aidence technology replace medical experts? Not for know. Image recognition on human level absolutely is an innovation and definitely future proof, but images don’t say it all either. Every person and body is unique, so besides relying on images, a human eye stays necessary! Though every improvement in the medical process is a win!

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