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Blockchain startup Blockport makes crypto-trading accessible to entry-level public

The Amsterdam-based blockchain startup Blockport makes crypto investment easier for entry-level crypto-traders by launching a social, user-friendly and secure platform and the company launched an Open Beta phase. The platform for public users opened this stage starting today. Blockport’s ‘social exchange’ can be used by beginners and advanced crypto-traders to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. The all-in-one Blockport platform provides users access to multiple global crypto-exchanges.

Blockport: ambitious and eager for next steps

Starting today, users can start trading in the open beta phase, which is expected to run for a period of three months. To ensure stability and security, users will gain access to a limited set of functionalities during this phase. In the next quarter, batches of new users, as well as new functionalities and crypto currencies will be added to the platform. Users can trade in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple at this moment. These cryptocurrencies can be purchased with euros via iDEAL, SOFORT and SEPA transactions.

Platform eliminates obstacles to mainstream cryptocurrency use

A recent research by ING shows that while cryptocurrencies are still seen as risky, the forecasts anticipate increased adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies for online payments. Other trading platforms are known for more complicated processes and therefore less usable for entry-level traders. A gap Blockport jumps in. In 2018, Blockport raised €13 million within 12 minutes in investments from a community consisting of over 100,000 people. This should accelerate international growth.

Future plans

“We started building the Blockport platform about six months ago in Amsterdam with a vision that everyone should be able to be part of the new digital economy that has developed along with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Backed by the trust of our community in our vision – resulting in a successful tokensale raising € 13 million in 12 minutes earlier this year – we are extremely proud that we have now opened up for the big public. We are ambitious and looking to establish Blockport in Europe and expand to the US later this year,” said Kai Bennink

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