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Dutch startups raise more than 100 mln in Q1 2018

Twenty-four Dutch startups have raised a bit more than 1000 million euros in the first quarter of 2018 (up until april 16). The median funding amount was 1 million euros. Below is a table with links to all the deals.

Ranking Methodology

For this analysis we looked at deals reported here on startupjuncture, but also on deals listed in the Crunchbase database. Where possible we tried to validate the funding reports from Crunchbase with press releases from the company itself, since the amount of funding reported on Crunchbase is sometimes inaccurate.  We left out the funding received by XebiaLabs. Although mother company Xebia is Dutch, XebiaLabs itself is located in the US.

Comparison: focus on scale-ups

The amount of funding is comparable to our previous results. It is in line with the total Dutch startup funding of 2017 (442 million). We found fewer early stage/ informal deals (perhaps we did not dig deep enough) but did find scale-up deals of 1-20 million. It seems that the Dutch ecosystem is now focused on funding scale-ups in their next growth stage, rather than funding new startups.

Full table

Nr Company Amount Investors Source
1 Dutch Finance Lab 30,000,000 Pieter Schoen StartupJuncture
2 Ohpen 25,000,000 Amerborgh StartupJuncture
3 Mimetas 18,450,000 OostNL Crunchbase
4 Effect.AI 1,1000,000 ICO Crunchbase
5 ParkBee 5,000,000 Statkraft, InnovationQuarter StartupJuncture
6 Innecs Power Systems 4,000,000 Finindus, ENERGIIQ en BOM Crunchbase
7 Harver 3,900,000 Insight Venture Partners StartupJuncture
8 Aectual 1,800,000 AKEF, DOEN Participaties and American company Sprout
9 LeydenJar Technologies 1,450,000 UNIIQ, BOM Company Linkedin
10 Nowi 1,400,000 Disruptive Technology Ventures Linkedin
11 Hardt 1,250,000 Gregory van der Wiel StartupJuncture
12 Swipeguide 1,000,000 Newion Investment StartupJuncture
13 Blockport 1,000,000 ICO StartupJuncture
14 Voltea 900000 Unilever, Rabobank, ETF, Anterra Crunchbase
15 Quicargo 900000 group of experts and investors Linkedin
16 FlorAccess 750000 group of e-commerce investors StartupJuncture
17 Otrium 750000 Fred Gehring (ex-CEO) and Ludo Onnink (ex-CFO) and Adriaan Mol StartupJuncture
18 Flex-appeal 600000 two informal investors StartupJuncture
19 Geospark 500000 Airbridge Crunchbase
20 ContentKing 350000 a group of informal investors StartupJuncture
21 Concord neonatal 300000 UNIIQ StartupJuncture
22 Innovative Mechatronics 300000 UNIIQ Company
23 Shypple 250000 (estimated) Brabant Development Cooperation (BOM) StartupJuncture
24 DFFRNT Media 250000 (estimated) Talpa Network StartupJuncture

The total funding amount is € 111 million.

Image credit: spacex via Unsplash

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