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Dutch Funding Overview 2017: €442 million in total

2017 was a year with many surprising investments, even a few amounts that we haven’t seen before in the Dutch startup eco-system. Our economy is certainly doing better and startups can now seed from the education and support given over the years. Startups mean innovation, change. The total amount of investments in the Dutch startup industry known by us, states €441.696.000.

And based on our overview, the ICO hype hasn’t reached the Netherlands yet. Which doesn’t mean crypto isn’t playing a growing role in the industry.


Funding 2017 fun facts

– more investors were listed undisclosed as previous (check out the Funding Overview 2016 for other comparisons)
– Q1 and Q4 were the most successful investment wise, Q2 and Q3 were pretty quiet. Startups, you might want to take this into consideration!

Top 10 investments 2017

The top 10 investments in 2017, where number 1 isn’t such a surprise despite the amount, but number 2 is. It was absolutely one of the highest investments made in e-commerce/delivery startups. One of the biggest investments made in software, Messagebirds’ series A investment of €60.000.000 was one of the surprising amounts this year.

1. Picnic €100,000,000
2. Messagebird € 60,000,000
3. Xeltis € 45,000,000
4. Bloomon € 21,400,000
5. GitLab € 20,000,000
6. Ohpen € 15,000,000
7. EclecticIQ € 14,000,000
8. Tiqets € 14,000,000
9.SnappCar € 10,000,000
10. SolarNow € 9,000,000

Startups with a social impact

Noteworthy is the fact that there’s not one specific sector raising more money then others, like last year medtech was one of the biggest money raisers. The top 3 consists of commercial scale-ups, SaaS like Tiqets still is going strong while further in the list we see startups with an impact raising more money, such as health, biotech, energy and mobility. The sharing economy is still in progress, if we’re looking at SnappCar for example. Fintech is still on the move, with Bux and InvoiceFinance in the lead and we can predict this will be one of the emerging markets for 2018.


nr Name amount(eur) Source Investment type origin
1 Picnic 100,000,000 StartupJuncture series B NL
2 Messagebird 60,000,000 StartupJuncture series A international
3 Xeltis 45,000,000 press release series C international
4 Bloomon 21,400,000 StartupJuncture series B NL
5 GitLab 20,000,000 StartupJuncture series C INT
6 Ohpen 15,000,000 StartupJuncture series B unknown
7 EclecticIQ 14,000,000 StartupJuncture series B NL
8 Tiqets 14,000,000 StartupJuncture series B NL
9 Snappcar 10,000,000 StartupJuncture venture international
10 SolarNow 9,000,000 StartupJuncture series B NL
11 Harver 7,100,000 StartupJuncture series A US
12 Solarus 6,700,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
13 Framer 6,500,000 finsmes series A international
14 Fairphone 6,500,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
15 Scenic Biotech 6,500,000 pressrelease Seed NL
16 InvoiceFinance 6,000,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
17 The Avocado Show 5,000,000 StartupJuncture venture international
18 Housing Anywhere 5,000,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
19 Quantib 4,500,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
20 VanMoof 4,000,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
21 Hotelchamp 4,000,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
22 Withlocals 3,500,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
23 ZIIVER 3,000,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
24 Lifesense Group 3,000,000 StartupJuncture venture international
25 The Ocean Cleanup 2,710,000 StartupJuncture grant US
26 Clear Flight Solutions 2,600,000 StartupJuncture series B international
27 stream.io 2,500,000 StartupJuncture venture US
28 Pluriomics 2,500,000 StartupJuncture series B BE
29 MiniBrew 2,450,000 StartupJuncture seed international
30 Land Life Company 2,400,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
31 Aidence 2,250,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
32 TRVL 2,200,000 StartupJuncture seed unknown
33 Health Value Creation 2,000,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
34 Ecochain 2,000,000 press release series A NL
35 iWelcome 2,000,000 StartupJuncture series C international
36 Oxynade 1,800,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
37 Eye on Air 1,800,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
38 Pastbook 1,600,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
39 Public House of Art 1,500,000 StartupJuncture venture international
40 Triggi 1,100,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
41 Synple 1,100,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
42 Sjoprz 1,100,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
43 BUX 1,060,000 StartupJuncture series C NL
44 Join 1,000,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
45 SuperBuddy 1,000,000 StartupJuncture series B NL
46 United Wardrobe 1,000,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
47 Travis the Translator 1,000,000 sprout crowdfunding international
48 Bolt Mobility 1,000,000 StartupJuncture crowdfunding NL/UK
49 Sound Energy 1,000,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
50 Blendle 1,000,000 StartupJuncture series A US
51 iCasting 1,000,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
52 NutriLeads 1,000,000 press release series A NL
53 Parcompare 1,000,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
54 Press Page 1,000,000 StartupJuncture venture NL
55 Polarsteps 900,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
56 Lipocaut 900,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
57 Felyx 850,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
58 Bundles 600,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
59 Hyperloop/Hardt 600,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
60 Semiotic Labs 600,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
61 DashTag 550,000 StartupJuncture seed international
62 AxonIQ 500,000 press release seed NL
63 Amsterdam Scientific Instruments 500,000 StartupJuncture seed international
64 Green Basilik 500,000 StartupJuncture seed international
65 Amber Mobility 500,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
66 SendCloud 500,000 StartupJuncture series A NL
67 ScanMovers 500,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
68 Bittiq 500,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
69 Healthy Workers 500,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
70 VarmX 500,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
71 Mypo 500,000 StartupJuncture seed international
72 GAIKU 500,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
73 Indica 500,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
74 MOCS 500,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
75 4suites 400,000 StartupJuncture seed unknown
76 We4sea 400,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
77 PR.co 400,000 StartupJuncture seed NL, UK
78 TicTag 300,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
79 Amylon 300,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
80 Hercules Pharmaceuticals 300,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
81 Fibriant 300,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
82 Bohemian Birds 250,000 StartupJuncture angel/crowdfunding unknown
83 Usono 176,000 StartupJuncture seed NL
84 Scyfer 000,000 StartupJuncture acquisition US
85 resnap 000,000 StartupJuncture acquisition NL
86 Wercker 000,000 StartupJuncture acquisition US

Sources and assumptions

Our overview is based on the investments we’ve listed or were reported to us. Big thanks to The Ministerie of Economische Zaken, Thomas Mensink from Golden Egg Check and StartupDelta for sharing their data with us.
In some cases we had to make an estimate of the amount of funding, since not all companies disclose the funding amount. We have used the following assumptions: Unknown seed is estimated as €500.000. Unknown VC money estimated as €1m
We have listed three acquisitions in the list, since we know that people (including startup founders) considers these newsworthy events. However they do not count as investments, since there typically is no inflow of cash into the company, only a change of ownership.

You’re not in the list but think you deserve a spot? Please, drop us a line at team@startupjuncture.com

Photocredits: Pexels/Pixabay

Sabine de Witte
Sabine de Witte successfully failed her own startup and embraced the lessons she learned to connect startups and investors. She helps startups with pr and online communications, writes about tech as a journalist, judges events as a ‘pitch bitch’ and travels the world as startup spotter.

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