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Influencer network Join raises 1 million euro investment

The influencer-marketingplatform Join aims to conquer the European market with their series-A. The platform was founded in 2017 by Paolo Martorino and Edwin Knip, the capital injection was made by Airbridge Equity Partners only.

Match brands and influencers via AI

At the moment the platform matches marketeers with influencers based on their interests and media reach. The 1 million euro investment will be used to expand further across borders targeting a bigger market, as their main users are now located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. Already 15.000 influencers use the platform for brand collaborations. They are specialised in investments in digital marketing, SaaS and e-commerce. Besides aiming for a bigger market, the capital will also be used to expand the team and develop the AI-tool further. The AI tool should take-over the matchmaking in the nearby future. Machine learning will analyse the personality and style (like signature, taste, specialisation) of influencers, creating a profile that can be analysed and visualised for the perfect collaboration.

The Dutch start-up offers brands and marketers an user-friendly platform to find, activate and monitor influencers. “With this funding we can innovate at a higher pace and take our data-integration and AI to the next level”, says Edwin Knip, Join’s CTO. “By doing so we can not only optimize the way the platform works, but also develop and apply new techniques to enhance our service.”

Influential network

With its users and current technology the platform already has an impact, reaching an audience over half a billion via their influencers. Other influencer platforms lack to share these numbers. The AI software is also what differentiates Join from other platforms and networks. Technology does all the work, based on digital behaviour and personal styles, instead of influencers pitching ideas or being judged on their reach only. Besides matchmaking the platform already monitors both the influencers developments as results of collaborations born via Join marketing.

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