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B. Ventures backed HR startup Healthy Workers raises €500K 

Healthy Workers, a HR startup founded by Boy Lokhoff has raised 500.000 euros in a seed round led by Cairn Real Estate. Besides Cairn five other investors have participated in this round. The capital raised gives Healthy Workers the firepower to scale faster and close strategic partnerships. Cairn Real Estate is a real estate investor that structures and manages real estate investment projects for institutional investors and (inter)national family offices in the Benelux and Germany. 

Healthy Workers helps large companies to gain insights into the well-being of the their employee base and the health conditions in their offices. The reasoning of the company is that stress, not feeling engaged enough or outright unhappiness at work can lead to unsatisfied workers, resulting in low productivity levels and burn outs.  Healthy Workers claims that this situation is costing companies billions of euros and it has set off to solve this problem.

Well being

To do so it the startup enables companies to get insights on the situation on a continuas basis through its ‘WELLBEING-SCAN’ and employer dashboard. Providing insights on engagement levels, physical and psychological work stressors and  the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in working spaces. Based on these insights recommendations are giving on the application of measures concerning the working environment environment, stress management and sports.

“This funding round enables us to scale faster and expand internationally in three years”, says Boy Lokhoff, founder of Healthy Workers to StartupJuncture. “I am therefore very glad to have strategic partners like Carin on board. A real estate investor that manages 800.000 square meter. Cairn’s confidence in Healthy Workers opens a lot of doors. We can tap into their vast experience and huge network in a field that is very important to us: real estate”

Body and mind

Healthy Workers is first and foremost a B2B solution for facility managers of buildings. Lokhoff: “Our ambition is to empower facility managers so they can have a positive impact on the working environment of people, by providing them actionable insights on how to do so.

But engaging employees to take actions is equally important therefore an integral part of the solution. “There are numerous scientific papers that support the thesis that in order to create a healthy working environment you have to focus on the working environment, the body and the mind”, says Lokhoff.  The startups will accordingly roll-out new so-called ‘intervention’ later years providing advise on what employers can do with respect to sound and nutrition.

Carin is not the only strategic partner Lokhoff has acquired since the company’s start in 2015. The founders of B. Amsterdam chipped in via their investment vehicle B. Ventures by becoming full co-founders of the startup.

B. Ventures didn’t participate in this round.

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