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Dutch Startup News Update: B. Amsterdam, Endeit, Mol goes VR, Solease, Smart Funding Canvas

Summer is in full swing and so is the Dutch startup industry. No holiday fever, but lots of interesting updates.

News & Updates

B.Amsterdam opens third building
Accelerators are still booming and Amsterdam based B. Amsterdam is on a roll. They opened a third building in te former Mexx offices and are planning to expand to New York this autumn.

Startup Delta developed Smart Funding Canvas

Many startups struggle with determining their funding needs. Startup Delta jumped on the issue and developed a very helpful tool. The Smart Funding Canvas helps startups and investors to reflect on their funding strategy and formulate smart propositions in an early stage by a using a simple 3-step method: know yourself, make a choice and get smart. So Holland based startups: check the Smart Funding Canvas before you plan meetings with investors to show you understand their business, don’t waste any time and know where you stand!


Mol raises a million for VR-studio

VR-studio Force Field, led by serial-entrepreneur Michiel Mol, raised a one million dollar funding. The money will be used for the production of location-dependent VR-services. Mol, accompanied by co-founders Martin de Ronde, Arthur Houtman and Maarten Elshov, already has a team of 70 team members working for Force Field. Force Field recently  released a VR-game for Samsung and Oculus Rift.

Solease receives €2.5 million from Dutch Energy funds

Solease is a startup providing solar energy in the Dutch province Noord-Brabant by renting out solar panels. The company makes it quick, easy and hasslefree for households and home owners without the need of making enormous investments. Energiefonds Brabant and Solease teamed up as Solease Noord-Brabant and the 2.5 million euro investment should at least provide solar energy to 500 households. They also released a crowdfunding campaign to expand their services to other Dutch provinces. Solease already works with partners in Utrecht, Limburg, Overijssel, Drenthe and Gelderland.

Endeit invests €15 million in cloud based POS systems

Endeit and German fund Radeberger invested in a series B to develop Gastrofix, a cloud based checkout system for the gastronomy industry. The company wants to expand their activities internationally focusing on the French, Dutch, and Scandinavian markets.  Endeit is the investment fund of Joop van den Ende  and Hubert Deitmers.

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