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Recruitment startup Harver tops Series A with another $4.2 million in extra funding

Harver, a pre-hiring and talent-matching recruitment startup has raised an additional $4.2 million USD as part of a Series A round led by Insight Venture Partners. June last year the New York City based VC firm invested 8.1 million USD in Harver. This brings Harver’s total funding, including a seed round of €1.5 million in 2016, to $15.6 million USD. Harver plans to use the capital raised to expand its teams in Amsterdam and New York City. The teams mission is to expand the startup’s AI-powered matching technology to medium sized companies, especially in the USA. The startups list of client names include household names like Netflix, booking.com, Zappos, OpenTable, Xeros and Casper.

Founded in 2014 by Barend Raaff Harver allows companies and applicants to ‘eliminate the resume’,  the company claims. The startup has automated the application process, including the analysis of modules, tests, and assessments to match the right candidate to the job. The flagship product of the company is TalentPitch. TalentPitch enables a better match between the applicants knowledge and skill-set and what companies on the Harver platform are looking for. Harver believes that in this way companies can establish a more accurate and effective hiring process while also removing hiring bias and discrimination.

“We believe hiring the best talent is important for any company; big or small”, Raaff explains why the company has expanded its focus on also serving smaller clients in a announcement about the new funding round. “Our AI matching technology has been heavily utilised by some of the world’s most successful brands and they are very happy with the results. We want to make it available to companies of all sizes and we believe the time for further expansion is now.”

The startup claims to be able to reduce short-term employee turnover, increasing efficiency in the recruitment process as much as 90 percent. Harver currently has clients across 20 countries and pre-selects job candidates in 42 languages.

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