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Dutch Startup News Update: Rockstart AI accelerator, Dutch startup pledge, case study strategie

Yes, another week past by, with quite some big developments in the Dutch startup scene. Read all about it in our latest update.

News & updates

AI accelerator applications open now
Artificial Intelligence is the future, something accelerator Rockstart embraced. Applications for the first AI accelerator in Europe are open now and 10 of the most promising startups will be selected.

Dutch corporates pledge partnership
16 Dutch corporates pledged to work closer with startups in the Netherlands. They strongly believe innovation comes from startups as they are more aware of the latest developments and solutions.


Little Dutch notable funding news last week, but Pinterest raised $150m capital from private investors. An investment we didn’t see coming.

Monday Reads

Case Study Linkbuilding Strategy
Startups always seem to forget about PR and media, specially their own. Launching your startup with a website that hasn’t been indexated in Google for example is quite a waste of efforts. In this weeks guest post you read all about the Case Study Linkbuilding Strategy.

Amsterdam hosts CES Unveiled
We can show off our technology in October as Amsterdam is chosen to host CES Unveiled this year. A great opportunity for the Dutch tech industry!

Marriott Testbed
Marriott is diving into innovation and comes to Amsterdam with their Marriott Testbed program. Anyone who has a brilliant idea considering the hospitality industry is welcome.

Tech startups provide essential experience
FuelUp wrote a great piece on the importance of tech startups as learning schools for university interns.

Over your edge
They claim they’ve created the masterclass that will change your life. Sometimes you need a little extra support to get the most out of yourself. Every founder needs a mentor or coach every now and then. The Edge might just the digital support you need.

Sabine de Witte
Sabine de Witte successfully failed her own startup and embraced the lessons she learned to connect startups and investors. She helps startups with pr and online communications, writes about tech as a journalist, judges events as a ‘pitch bitch’ and travels the world as startup spotter.

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