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Startup Bootcamp Smart City & Living Demoday

During the fifth Startup Bootcamp (SBC) Demo day, the accelerator’s last participants in Smart City & Living presented themselves at Restaurant B.Amsterdam in a slightly smaller setting. Is intimacy the new demoday trend?

Different Demoday setup

Demodays normaly have a pretty standard setup. As much potential investors and audience as possible, cheering startups. After hopping many different and impressive locations, program and alumni manager Marc Wesselink decided to go for a change. Less invitees, shorter pitch times and a more intimate, not too theatrical setting. The more intimate setting should help everyone to feel way more involved and connected. It’s pretty refreshing to change a proven concept, it’s daring to change a ‘winning formula’.

Smart City & Living Demoday

Who participated in the accelerator last quarter and what did they come up with? A list of all the pitches:

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