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TNW launches a new service for enterprises, governments and startups, ‘TNW X’

TNW X is aiming to be the bridge between local tech communities, corporate giants and governments. The B2B channel jumps in to help traditional companies and organizations closing the gap with the tech community.

Showcasing and attracting

With X TNW wants to connect enterprises with leading tech startups and top talent. For governments it’s a platform to showcase their ecosystem and attracting companies and young talent. How it works for:

Tech5 is one of the most important programs organised by TNW X. It is an annual recurring startup competition organised in collaboration with Dutch unicorn Adyen, taking a deep dive into the six most important European markets to identify the fastest growing companies. In the past 4 years, Tech5 has given the stage to world class startups such as Transferwise, Deliveroo or Happn. Together with other finalists, these companies have raised over €10B over the last four years.

Another example of a TNW X deal is the collaboration with the South Korean government, set up in early 2017 by TNW to help scout European startups for the K-Startup accelerator program. This campaign brought more than 300 applications, with world class names on the top of the list, including Bynder, Typeform, Ockel and Fairphone. In addition, Korea was given the platform to showcase their best startups to 12,500 tech enthusiasts during TNW Conference, boosting the reputation of the Korean ecosystem in Europe.

TNW X is set to connect corporates to new tech companies and tech talent. In a recent campaign in collaboration with ABN AMRO, TNW put up a search for 350 digital natives to get recruited by the banking enterprise. The campaign received 18,600 applications, generated almost 30 million online impressions and was nominated for a prize. By setting up a platform where enthusiasts can talk about the role of banks in the modern tech world and by focusing on the right audience, TNW received an overwhelming amount of applications which led to 377 new hires by ABN.

TNW X launch

TNW X was officially announced during Deals Over Dinner, an event which brought together some of the most promising startups and leading corporates to meet, dine and spark deals over a three course dinner at TQ, Amsterdam’s startup tech hub. Attended by companies such as TomTom, IBM, KPMG, Bynder and Oracle, the event sparked 48 deals over the course of 3 hours. The event was part of CapitalWeek.

Pieter Paul van Oerle, Strategy Director of TNW, comments: “We’ve been running some very impactful programs over the past few years which have helped our partners in a tremendous way. With X, we want to open up these services to other companies and organisations, by creating a custom approach and curating the best technologies, startups and talent in order to bring the most value. We’re confident that X will fill a huge need in the market, and we’ll use our unique position, expertise and resources to connect the industry leaders.”

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