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Dutch Startup News: CES, €442 million and badass female tech founders

What happens in the startup scene in The Netherlands right now? Find out in another Dutch startup news update!

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53 Dutch startups preset at CES

This week the tech world will come together at the CES to showcase the latest new products and technologies the best of the best in the world have to offer. Last year CES garnered 170.000 attendees from 150 countries. With StartupDelta in the lead 53 Dutch startups will present their products and services at this massive gathering. Facial recognition startup 20face, sensor technology startup Ahrma and electric car startup Lightyear are just a few of them. Also checkout our article about CES tomorrow.

Badass female tech founders in 2018

Our colleagues at Silicon Canals launched a great initiative: Find ’20 Badass female tech founders to watch in 2018’ The idea is simple: put the female founders in the Netherlands more in the limelight. We at StartupJuncture fully support the initiative. So help Silicon Canals to build the list of the 20 most badass female founders in NLtech to watch in 2018.

Light Year is Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators Award winner

The electric car startup that some argue is even more environment friendly than a Tesla is one of the winners of the Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators Award. The CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators program highlights the leadership and innovation of consumer technology startups in combating climate change.


Dutch Funding Overview 2017: €442 million in total

Dutch startups raised €442 million in 2017. Top three were: Picnic (€100 mln), Messagebird (60 mln) and Xeltis (45 mln).

Monday Read

European & Israeli Venture Data 2017

Here is a nice overview of the VC investments in Europe and Isreal.

Is Bigger Better?

Here is a great article by Steven Sinofsky on how to compete with the big guys and how long (in contrast to conventional wisdom) disruption actually takes place.

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