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Dutch Startup News: StartupFest, Ohpen, Carin, Pastbook, Fairphone

What happens in the startup scene in The Netherlands right now? Find out in another Dutch startup news update!

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Start of StartupFest Europe
As of today The Netherlands is the startup capital of the world for one week. StartupFest Europe brings together startups, scale-ups, 300 investors, scientists, corporates companies such as Shell and BMW and other innovators in a series of 28 events scattered over 14 cities. The main theme of the event is: Global Challenges, Start-up Solutions. Digital health and medtech and energy and mobility are examples. Big names at event are managing director of SoftBank 100 billion fund Deep Nishar and Steve Ellis, managing partner of the 2 billion social impact fund The Rise Fund of among others Marc Benioff en Bono.

Fintech startup Ohpen acquires corporate spin-off Fynn Advice
Ohpen states explicitly that it has a hard time finding the right people with the right financial and technology expertise. The acquire-hire (in Dutch)is to attract people that really understand financial processes and can translate that to the programmers of the company. With the acquisition of Fynn Advice, Ophen can add 8 more experts to its payroll.


‘Femtech’ startup, LifeSense Group, raises 3 million euro $3M
LifeSense Group, the Eindhoven-based startup behind the smart protective underwear Carin, has raised 3 million euro from an undisclosed ‘established Danish entrepreneur.’ The funding raised will be used for the development of the product and growth. LifeSense Group recently became third in the Next Women Pitch Competition.

Pastbook raises $2 million for scaling up
The Amsterdam-based one-click photo book platform received the investment from various current and new investors to support international expansion. PastBook has achieved a staggering 10x YoY growth in revenue for three years in a row. Dinko Valerio – founder and former CEO of Crucell, is one of the more well-known individuals embracing the scale-up’s growth potential.

Fairphone raises €6.5 million and hires Tony’s Chocolonely ‘First Lady’ to up its impact
Fairphone, the social startup that aims to build a fair modular smartphone has raised 6.5 million euro in a round led by social investor Pymwymic and Dutch social foundation Stichting DOEN. Fairphone will use the capital raised to expand its distribution network, ’meet the growing demand’ for fairer electronics and formalise its operations.

Monday Afternoon Watch

Why product failure is process failure
In this video Marty Cagan dissects the immensely popular ‘agile’ working process of building the right product for the right problem and why it’s encapsulates the root causes of product failure. The majority of startups and corporate innovation projects fail because of precisely these reasons. While it’s seems like they are following the right proces. Main point and the one I want to stress is that these projects are all based on a big mess of assumptions that once leave the ‘boardroom’ into the ‘the roadmap’ cannot be iterated and based on actual tests. Watch this insightful video by Marty Cagan and learn how to build a process around product development like the really exceptionally successful companies do.

Video: The Root Causes of Product Failure by Marty Cagan


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