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Call for input: Annual Funding Overview 2017

At StartupJuncture we aim to bring you funding and startup news and insights. In this way we hope to contribute to a thriving startup ecosystem and promote the great things happening here internationally.  We can’t do this without the help of our partners: startups, investors, fellow-journalists, accelerators, corporate companies and public organisations such StartupDelta and StartupAmsterdam are our valued sources. Once a year we want to give them something in return: The StartupJuncture Annual Funding Overview.

Call for input

Right now we are in the midst of completing the StartupJuncture Funding Overview 2017. A complete overview of all the fundings in The Netherlands. Based our own articles we already cover a great amount. But for the overview to be a real value we, as always, want to be sure we didn’t miss out any investment made. Therefore we love you to help us and the ecosystem to make this overview happen. Are you an investor (fund), startup-founder or team, a public official, part of an accelerator or any other individual with knowledge of an investment, please lets us know. Send your input to team@startupjuncture.com. Note: it must have relevance with The Netherlands, so the startup should be based in the Netherlands.

Prominent partners

The Funding overview yearly is one of the best read articles on StartupJuncture and shared by national and international media, who use our research to share insights on the Dutch startup ecosystem. The Ministerie of Economische Zaken, Thomas Mensink from Golden Egg Check and StartupDelta helped us tremendously by sharing there data and research on the startup ecosystem to further complement our funding overview.

Together we can make the StartupJuncture Annual Funding Overview 2017 happen. We’re looking forward to see your input. Input can be given until Friday December 22. Questions? Feel free to contact editors Sabine, Sieuwert or Samir.

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Sabine de Witte
Sabine de Witte successfully failed her own startup and embraced the lessons she learned to connect startups and investors. She helps startups with pr and online communications, writes about tech as a journalist, judges events as a ‘pitch bitch’ and travels the world as startup spotter.

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