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Fortino Capital Partners starts new fund and raises €125M for Fortino Growth II

The new fund Fortino Growth II, as the fund is called, has a final target of €200M to help scale-ups in the Benelux grow.

Fortino Growth II

The fund received support from private investors, entrepreneurs and a few institutional businesses like BNP Paribas. Fortino Capital I holds a €80M fund and currently holds 13 companies focusing on software and e-commerce. The Growth II enables Fortino Capital Partners to expand investments in Benelux scale-ups and growth companies offering a €5M minority or €25M majority shareholding for scale-ups and growth companies with a minimum turnover of €5 to 10M.

Focus on technologoy, e-commerce and digital transformation

For the new fund Fortino Capital already raised €125M, aiming for a total fund of €200M. It sounds promising they already raised most of the fund, based on the results of Fortino I. Fortino invests in small and medium-sized companies with growth potential with a focus on technology, E-commerce and digital transformation. Within their portfolio is for example Bloomon, a Dutch successtory, but also Team Leader.

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